Help a Mother Out: Shop Small for Moms

One thing that has become increasingly disturbing about this pandemic, is the loss of small businesses. You know, those places that have unique (and sometimes hilarious) coffee mugs and t-shirts, or homemade lotions and soaps, or have one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards to die for; those places that make you feel like you just stepped out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. The feelings you just don’t get from the squeaky wheeled cart at Walmart, or the buzz of your Amazon notification. These are the places that are full of spirit and creativity, and they are truly the backbone of American business. They are a labor of love for many families that put in the blood, sweat, and tears to bring their dreams to life. You really are supporting families when you shop local.

While I fully support the stay-at-home order to protect those at risk with Covid-19, I also think there are ways we should all be supporting our small businesses at home. Mother’s Day is a perfect example of a great time to spend some money locally for your mama. Think of it this way, you probably are supporting another mom by ordering a cool gift or getting a to go meal for your mom. It’s a win win! Also, don’t forget about online businesses too. There are so many awesome people who sell products out of their homes, and are truly grateful for your business. We all need to pull together and try to save and protect these businesses. It would be really be a boring world if we lose the ability to shop at places other than giant retailers.

Here are some of my favorite local (in Ohio) places that you can get really cool items online and for pick up. Browse for some awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas of your own, and tell me what you plan on getting the mom in your life this year.

  1. Heart Mercantile – unique/ humorous gifts and décor
  2. Now and Zen– cute DIY terrariums
  3. Frame of the Heart– homemade wood frames and gifts
  4. Twist Cupcakery– pretty cupcakes, pastries, and other awesome desserts
  5. West Central Wine– wine and charcuterie boards to go
  6. Grace Lane Boutique– women’s fashion
  7. Beck + Call– fabulous girl power items
  8. Omega Music– vintage style record store
  9. Berns Nursery– plants, planters, and garden décor
  10. Scattered Kindness Co. – homemade crafts
  11. Swire Inn– yummy yums for dinner
  12. Spice Paradise – locally made seasonings, dry soups, teas, desserts
  13. Reza’s Roast– fantastic coffee and coffee beans
  14. Central Pastry– old fashion bakery
  15. Mulberry St. Books– second hand bookstore with bookish goods

Lastly, be understanding with these and any local shops during this time. They have endured quite an upheaval in losing staff and having to completely changing up their business model. Not only that, but delivery times have been increased exponentially. Have patience and be kind. Nasty comments and reviews do not help during a time like this or ever really (looking at you Karen).

If you’re still looking for a great gift, you can check out my little Scentsy business (wax burners and other smell goods). It’s a way to help me save up for my future writing career or business venture or whatever I change my mind to later on. Shameless plug I know, here’s the link.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Make it a good one.

Talk soon,